I just served as the committee chair for photography for the 2016 Gala of the International Live Events Association (ILEA) in San Francisco. The event was amazing and we all had a fantastic time.

One of the things we did to photograph at the event was a step and repeat next to the registration desk. Since I already had the lighting setup for the step and repeat, I also did new headshots of their board members. I just popped up a portable black backdrop for each board member arrived.

The results are excellent and we were able to photograph (almost) all of the board members at the event. The few missing board members were photographed by me a few days later at their board meeting. I brought the same pop up backdrop and photographed the remaining heads in window light at their office building in downtown San Francisco. Can you tell which were photographed under the studio lights and which were photographed in the window light?

Below: Step & Repeat setup at the event.

01 The Armory SF Step Repeat Setup ILEA NCC Gala 2016 Headshots for ILEA Board Members at their annual gala in San Francisco

Big thank you to ILEA for trusting us with their gala photography and board headshots!

Photogenic Headshots is the professional headshot brand of San Francisco Photographer, Jim Vetter. Jim Vetter is also known for photographing weddings as Jim Vetter Photography Weddings and his corporate event photography brand, Photogenic Event Photography.

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